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Virgil is from a small French town between Lyon and the Swiss border. 

In June 2011, with nothing more than a bag on his back, Virgil set out to explore the world and discover his passion for the great outdoors and photography. Throughout this time, he has lived in 7 different countries: Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Greece, Finland, Iceland, Norway, including Svalbard, in the high Arctic, and visited more than 40 others across five continents. He felt in love with the Daintree rainforest (Australia) and its local community where he started guiding friends and tourists for fun in 2011, his first year of traveling.

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The Guiding Parcour

As the years went on, Virgil built a global network of connections, which led to him becoming a full-time outdoor guide in 2016, starting in Greece. He was slowly heading North, where he spent two winters in Finnish Lapland as a snowmobile guide in the Arctic. The following three summers, Virgil was guiding white water rafting in the glacial waters of Iceland and along the rivers of southern Norway. 

Since the winter 2018, Virgil educates and teaches photography professionally in Tromsø - Northern Norway, where he hosts privates photography tours and workshops specialised in Arctic landscape and the famous Aurora Borealis. He also guides multi-days tours in Senja area, combining outdoors activities, aurora hunt and his own photography courses.

In 2020, and 2021 he started working as a naturalist guide, and sea kayaking guide in Spitsbergen/Svalbard for a Norwegian local company based in Longyearbyen.  Virgil guides in Svalbard during summer months. He is working for Arctic expedition cruises during 2022. The range of skills is wide; polar expedition guide, lecturer, Sea kayaking guide, zodiac driver and polar bear monitor.

Thanks to his knowledge of the Arctic, Virgil is now guiding in wider Polar regions including Eastern Greenland in September 2022 and also South Georgia and Antarctica in November and December 2022.

Does Virgil live of his photography?

The guiding experiences in the North allow Virgil to reach financial comfort, continuous apprenticeship, connection building, and incredible photos opportunities because being a guide in the field, day after day, helps him to follow the evolution of light, of ice and wildlife from a month to another. Guiding along the years helps him to access more remote and challenging places. 

This state of mind leads him to develop his photography and pushing his guiding skills and creativity to new heights. 

His Photography Mind

Virgil is now specialised in Arctic Landscape and Night Photography. He has a huge focus on polar light, and the famous aurora borealis.

''Patience and creativity are all you need.''

Virgil is self-taught and believes in self-guided learning along with mutual knowledge sharing. His unending passion for photography and the outdoors pushes him to improve constantly, making photography part of his everyday life. 

NorthernLights are a unique feature of his photography style and lead him to build robust and constructive compositions around them. The movement of the eye into the frame is the whole beauty of building strong images. The photos you find in his gallery are the result of thousands of hours outside in snowstorms, strong winds, extreme temperatures, and a tremendous amount of time spent waiting on nature for that precise, extraordinary moment. 

"A great aurora image is a great image even without aurora." 

Really often, the aurora is the wow effect of the photograph, the icing on the cake. Virgil is always oriented on understanding his surroundings, finding the best angles for his compositions, and finding the right orientation to sublime the light in relation to his chosen subjects. Many attempts are made to capture the unique shot, and this is what makes stories behind the photo; This is what makes a cliché unrepeatable.

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Public Collaborations

Early 2022, Virgil made his first contributions with the European Space Agency. He was invited to participate and hold an online presentation at the Aurora Service workshop about Space Weather activities and end user experiences.

End of October 2022, Virgil finds his aurora photography work exhibited at the 2022 ESWW, The 2022 European Space Weather Week organised by the European Space Agency.

Seven of his aurora photographs are displayed for the exhibition during the whole week in La PLAZA  - Zagreb - Croatia.

Virgil is also holding a presentation of his photography work in person at ESWW & an Instagram Live session via ESA account (2.7M). Included in this presentation, the planification behind the shot, the use of the ESA's aurora tools and some story telling images.

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