Virgil is from a small French town between Lyon and the Swiss border. 

In June 2011, with nothing more than a bag on his back, Virgil set out to explore the world and discover his passion for the great outdoors and photography.
Throughout this time, he has lived in 7 different countries: Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Greece, Finland, Iceland, Norway, including Svalbard, in the high Arctic, and visited more than 38 others across five continents.

The diversity of environments discovered along his journey caused Virgil to guide tourists and friends in 2011 through the magnificent Daintree rainforest in Australia; The catalyst for a new chapter in Virgil's life.

As the years went on, Virgil saw many more shores, sunsets, and mountains. He used this time to build a global network of connections, which led to him becoming a full-time outdoor guide in 2016. Through the years, he was slowly heading North, where he spent two seasons in Finnish Lapland as a snowmobile guide in the Arctic; it was here, in the cold and dark of the Polar Night, that Virgil first gazed upon the Northern lights.

Since then, Virgil shifted focus and has been teaching, photographing, and leading adventurers across Northern Norway to hunt the Northern Lights.

Since chasing the lights is a seasonal activity, Virgil has continued to acquire knowledge of the outdoors over the summer months, guiding white water rafting in the glacial waters of Iceland and along the rivers of Norway. This has become a primary summer activity for a few years, and in 2020, he had the privilege of working as a nature guide and sea kayak guide in Spitsbergen - Svalbard.
A genuine opportunity to access places where only a few people can go and the chance to find incredible hidden gems. Out here in Svalbard,  the photo opportunities are really favorable to him, as being a guide, in the field, day after day, he is able to follow the evolution of light, ice, and wildlife from a month to another.

As an outdoorsman, Virgil has continued to learn, grow, and diversify to ensure there is some income stream. On top of bringing income security, the guiding experiences allow him to access more remote and challenging places, further developing his photography and pushing his skills and creativity to new heights.

Virgil concentrates mainly on Arctic Landscape and Night Photography. It allows him to express his inner self and invite others to share in the spectacular and unyielding power of mother nature. 

''Patience and creativity are all you need.''

Virgil is self-taught and believes in self-guided learning along with mutual knowledge sharing. His unending passion for photography and the outdoors pushes him to improve constantly, making photography part of his everyday life.
NorthernLights are a unique feature of his photography style and lead him to build robust and constructive compositions around them.

"A great aurora image is a great image even without aurora."

The photos you find in his gallery are the result of thousands of hours spent outside in snowstorms, strong winds, temperature extremes, long drives, great hikes, early mornings, late evenings, and a tremendous amount of time spent waiting on nature for that precise, extraordinary moment. Really often, the aurora is the wow effect of the photograph, the icing on the cake.
Virgil is always oriented on understanding his surroundings, finding the best angles for his compositions, and finding the right orientation to sublime the light in relation to his chosen subjects.

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Through this documentary portrayal I invite you to discover the amazing path of Virgil REGLIONI, 

Northern Light photographer guide in Tromsø, Norway.

- Filmed and Produced by Vincent Verchère -


Series ''Arctic Night Life'' selected as Weekend Portfolios for THE EYE OF PHOTOGRAPHY
- Edition of February 6th

Published in July 2020 on Le Routard

Published late January 2020 in Ársrit Íslenska Alpaklúbbsins 2019. -
The Annual magazine of the Icelandic Alpine club - 
cornerstone of the alpine and climbing community in Iceland since the 70's.



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