Art Prints

Sizes and prices are set as a reference but will be subject to change according the photograph selected
(shipping fees not included)

1- Direct printing on Alu-Dibond Plate 3mm matt

Lightweight, stable and durable
Your photo is first developed on photo paper and then mounted on the aluminum plate.

40 x 60 cm = 170 euros

60 X 90 cm = 240 euros

120 X 80 cm = 290  euros

150 X 100 cm = 370 euros

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

2- Gallery Print - UV-direct printing on Acrylic Glass with Aluminum Seal

Printed with UV print directly behind 4 mm thick acrylic glass, then sealed on the back with a 3 mm thick aluminum plate. The acrylic glass gives a special shine & depth, while the aluminum plate makes the image stable.

40 x 60 cm = 240  euros

60 X 90 cm = 360 euros

120 X 80 cm = 440 euros

150 X 100 cm = 550 euros

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

As mentioned above, the prices and sizes are simply set as a reference.

For all printing inquiries, please contact Virgil at:

Or by clicking on the Contact link on top right corner of the page.

What size would you like the longest side to be ? (in Cm) 
I will then send you a quote with an estimated price.

(Stretched Canvas and posters also available in limited sizes)

Untitled photo
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