Season: January, February & March 2023

Duration: To be customized 

 Usual Evening trip is 7 to 9 Hours

Group size:    One to one - up to 6 people  

Where: Tromsø Area - Northern Norway

Only available during the months of  January, February & March 2023.

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By Yourself, as a couple, or simply as photography lovers, this will be the best way to learn and capture the Arctic at night. As a private group, you avoid the crowded tours which makes the experience really exclusive. We become entirely flexible according to my local knowledge, the weather forecast, and your needs in terms of photos. 

 During this evening, we will have between 6 and 8 exciting hours together. 
It will be a trip departing from Tromsø city center, and to the Norwegian wilderness to find and photograph the Northern Lights. 

During this time together, I will drive and guide you in private.

You will have all the time you want to ask me about photography, the auroras, and my experiences.
I will spend time helping you with your own camera, teaching you about settings, focus points, composition and much more.

The goal of the night is that you learn, gain knowledge, have fun, and be inspired.

For a full evening, and two guests, 

you will count a total of 5300 Nok / 530 Euros.

( 2650 nok  / 265 euros - per person )

I have been working in polar areas since 2016, and I love to bring my guests to special places.

We will drive to a few different locations so we can have different style of photographs during the evening. We will fight the clouds and hopefully find clear sky.

During the evening, we will have the opportunity to make a fire  and have a snack. We will grill some pølse, traditional Norwegian sausages, and marshmallows on the flames.

How do I choose the location ?

The weather is the key to the right location. To find the aurora, we will need clear sky. I will use my guiding experience to find it.
The options are many, and I will not hesitate to drive you all the way to Finland to bring you under the lights. I usually pick the closest, most beautiful and photogenic spot from our starting point, so we are able to spend more time outside, focusing on the sky and not on the road.

What are the chances to see the lights ?

We are going for a hunt, and it is sometimes a really hard fight against the snow or the rain.
We could spend few hours searching for an opening in the sky, and the reward is usually priceless. 
Of course, this is not a 100% chance to catch them, as this is Nature, and we cannot control it;
but I can push our luck. 
The weather and the auroras are unpredictable, and that's what makes them so magic.

We all know how the weather is sometimes really tricky, especially on the coastline of Northern Norway.
It happens not to be able to find a single star through the clouds, but the hunting experience is still really interesting. Tromsø area is known to be one of the best place to find the auroras due to its northern location, and seeing the northern-lights here is a common thing.

What photos do you keep for you?

All of yours , as I will not steal them from you, and all of mine taken during the evening. Of course, I will take portrait photos of you under the lights too if you wish. Some of them sometimes end up in my Aurora Gallery as favourite!  

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What camera gear do you need?

I would recommend a large sensor camera such as Full Frame camera with a wide angle lens like a 15mm or 18mm. 

Also, a low aperture such as F2.0 or F2.8 is a big plus as it will help you to capture more light during night time. A good and steady tripod will be needed, also a headlight is great to have when we walk around looking for compositions. Regarding day time low light, some filters such as ND and CPL polariser can be amazing to use.


Wool is the queen. If you want to keep warm, wear merino wool base layers and wool socks. A nice insulated jacket will keep you warm, and the Gore-tex outer layer will protect you from the wind and humidity. It is always great to have a pair of warm winter boots as we might walk in deep snow.

A head lamp is a good thing to use during the dark winter.


Send your request with dates and number of participants by clicking on CONTACT 

on top right corner of the page.

I will get back to you within a day, with price & info following your request.


***** Ludo & Karine (France) - March 10th 2023

Faire une chasse aux aurores avec Virgil, c'est la certitude de se confronter aux éléments et à la beauté pure. De par la richesse de ses histoires, il sait transmettre son amour profond de la nature sauvage et nous a fait vivre un moment plus qu'inoubliable ! Karine et Ludo.

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***** Anthony & Pauline (France) - February 9th 2023

Virgil est réellement un super guide, passionné et intéressant, qui a su nous mettre à l’aise. Il ne se contente pas de nous guider, mais il vit l’expérience avec nous ! Le côté intimiste du tout privé avec lui est juste extraordinaire ! Une belle personne, une expérience unique ! Nous le conseillons vivement ! Merci Virgil 💍

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***** Britta & Markus (Germany) - March 5th and 6th 2022

Virgil is a very cool guy with an incredible knowledge of landscape, nature, animals, photography and of course the Northern Lights! Always in a good mood, happy and patient, he explained us a lot about photography. Finally we were able to take very nice photos of the Northern Lights ourselves. He also took photos of us, so that we have very personal memories of this special evening. It was great to experience this spectacular nature completely relaxed and without stress! We can recommend the tours with Virgil to everyone. He really loves his job and we noticed that all the time! In addition we were able to take away a lot of knowledge and also lots of tips to improve our practice in photography.

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***** Haldi & Seb (Estonia, Belgium) - January 20th 2022 

I met Virgil in Svalbard when he was our spectacular guide to Trygghamna - his people skills, knowledge of the nature and animals were outstanding. I started following him on Instagram and when we were thinking of a trip to Tromsö, I saw Virgil posting from there too so I reached out to him and we agreed on a private aurora hunting tour. Even though the northern lights were very shy that night, I still wouldn’t change anything about it! Except the delay with our flights - but even then Virgil came to meet us in the airport with snacks! During the whole night he took us to the most spectacular places, taught me his tricks for night photography and even shared his own photos of the evening with us. One thing is certain - if i go anywhere in the future where Virgil is, he is my go to guide! We highly recommend him!

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***** Jean-Francois & Christelle (France) - November 15th & 18th 2021

 L'envie de voir et photographier des aurores boréales m'a conduit à des recherche sur internet et je suis tombé par hasard sur un article de presse qui présentait Virgil Reglioni. Il parle anglais comme un natif, mais pouvoir échanger en français était pour nous un avantage. Il partage sa passion pour la photo et les aurores, c'est un réel plaisir. Ses conseils sont précieux, et ses connaissances sont infinies. Quel plaisir d'avoir pu observer et prendre des clichés des aurores boréales, en toute quiétude, avec son soutient. Il maitrise tout, et dans la bonne humeur. Nous avons partagé un super moment de complicité, inoubliable, et nos photos en sont la preuve... quels souvenirs, quels plaisir ! Nous te remercions infiniment Virgil, et ne sommes pas prêts de t'oublier :)

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